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A few years ago I had the opportunity to do some traveling in the UK and one of the best things I took away from the experience, besides the beautiful landmarks of London, was how good a heaping portion of fresh fish and chips can really be. I’m not talking about shaking out some frozen fish sticks and French fries here, but the real deal. A fresh hunk of cod, perfectly battered, served in a London Times cone of burning hot chips. Add some salt and pepper, malt vinegar, and a good brew and you’ve pretty much got one of the greatest things on Earth!

But I’d give up the best Fish ‘n Chips in the world to spend a few erotic moments with the gorgeous British Shemales and Tgirls we’re going to be displaying here on British-Tgirls Blog! From the gorgeous Alison Dale to the outrageously kinky Zoe Fuck Puppet, we’ll have all your tastes in Tgirls covered, and the best part is that, unlike the best Fish ‘n Chips in the world, it’s all FREE! So, if you’re a British Tgirl lover, bookmark our page or subscribe to our RSS Feed and enjoy the best that Britain has to offer in Shemales and Tgirls!

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