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Angelina Torres To Launch Her Site… Official Blog Now Up!

Angelina Torres - Shemale Club!

The beautiful Angelina Torres is going to be launching her very own Official Site in the near future and as of right now, you can check out The Official Blog of Angelina Torres for some juicy pictures and other bits of information about this beautiful European Tgirl! I still haven’t gotten over her latest appearance on Shemale Club that we featured pictures from a few posts ago. I just can’t wait for her official site to launch and I hope a whole bunch of you guys will check it out when it does! Stay tuned right here for more continuing coverage and news about Angelina Torres and other British Tgirl beauties!


British Tgirl Joanna Jet Grabs A Smoke And A Bath!

British Tgirl - Joanna Jet!

I totally love this picture of British Tgirl Joanna Jet grabbing a quick drag on a cigarette before sliding into the tub for a relaxing stroking session. I don’t know why, but I find British Tgirls in stockings to be extra sexy… weird since I suppose if you put a British Tgirl and an American Tgirl side by side, I don’t think I’d be able to tell the difference. I think it must have something to do with reading all those fantasies about the British School Ma’am in the dirty magazines when I was younger…

Anyway, Joanna Jet is certainly looking sexy here! What a fantastic set of legs, and I love the white blouse and short skirt… very business-like. It looks like TS Joanna Jet is putting out some really great content these days and I hope you’re catching it all on The Official Joanna Jet Site!

British Tgirl - Joanna Jet! British Tgirl - Joanna Jet!


British Tgirl Zoe Fuck Puppet Shows Off At Her Window!

British Tgirl Zoe Fuck Puppet!

British Tgirl Zoe Fuck Puppet must be in a colorful mood for this new shoot on her Official Site. I have to say, not too many girls could pull off the color red and look freakin’ hot doing it besides Zoe! I love this whole look with the bright red hair, waist cincher, and black boots. Zoe must have a little bit of an exhibitionist streak running through her to be stroking that Tgirl cock of hers right in front of her open window!

I wonder if there are any neighbors that can appreciate a good view! I know if I lived next door to this British Tgirl, and caught her pulling out her cock, I’d pull up a chair, grab some binoculars, and settle in for one hell of a show! Who knows, maybe I’d even have the courage to head on over and see if she would like a hand…

British Tgirl Zoe Fuck Puppet! British Tgirl Zoe Fuck Puppet!


Lest You Forget – Some British Tgirl Liberty Harkness Pictures!

Liberty Harkness Pictures! Liberty Harkness Pictures!

It’s been a while since I’ve heard any news about British Tgirl Liberty Harkness and her upcoming Official Site. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy checking out some pictures of this beautiful British Tgirl every now and then! Here we’ve got some pictures of Liberty looking amazing as always in a purple romper after having a little bedroom romp of her own…

I love the little framed poster of ‘Planet Terror’ in the background of this shoot. I don’t know if this is Liberty’s bed or not but I can see her liking it. Anyway, we’re waiting as patiently as you are for Liberty’s site to launch and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on progress when we hear something! For now, don’t count out this British Tgirl beauty!

Liberty Harkness Pictures!

The Official Site Of British Tgirl Karla Cox Is Now Open!

Just a short post today to let you all know that the Official Site of British Tgirl Karla Cox is now open and you should get over there right now and check it out! Stop reading and head on over to TSKarlaCox right now. Seriously. Stop reading.

And… don’t do what I did and just type, ‘www.karlacox.com’ into your browser… DEFINITELY NOT the Karla Cox you’ll be looking for! Anyway, I’m pretty psyched about this site launch… in fact, maybe more excited than I’ve been in a while for a recent site launch! Also, I’m still wondering why you’re reading this and not over at her new site checking it out.

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