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Sadie Kross the Fuckable Fin!


SHE’S BACK! Representing her native Finland and looking top to toe edible as always, it’s a fifth set from naughty Nordic bird Sadie Kross! Stripped down to her teeny pleated mini-skirt which compliments her tight little arse beautifully, sexy Sadie boasts her bedroom skills by deep throating a corking big dildo before introducing it to her wee winking button hole! Phwoaaaar!!

We have a free trailer of Sadie practising the art of felatio right here!


Alexandra’s Bathroom Antics


OUR EVER-HORNY Deutsche kinkster Alexandra Vexx is back and celebrating her fourth UK TGirls exclusive by getting her kit off in the bathroom and treating us dirty dogs to yet another trouser arousing, dildo stuffing, cock tugging, wank-fest all shot by our main man with a very naughty plan aka London shooter Kalin! She’s a very bad lass and we just fookin’ love her – Miss Alexandra Vexx!


A Mile High with Lisa Heart


LISA HEART is back and providing a first class service in her air stewardess attire! A Hertfordshire bird with a tight little arse and a nice big cock, Lisa made a couple of Summer appearances for UK TGirls in July & August and it’s great to see her back doing what she loves – spread wide in stockings wanking on that excited girl-meat whilst stuffing her love-hoop with a dildo! Join Lisa in the Mile High club over in the update area this instant!


Elza Rema II


LOOKING very slutty and up for anything in her second UKTG cumming – it’s Bulgarian mistress Elza Rema. A dark eyed and sassy lass with a tight and hungry little arse, Elza is up to her antics in Kalin’s kitchen – a scene brimming with fishnets, boots and handcuffs, as well as seductive fag smoking and cock-play! She’s a right horny little she-devil and she’s waiting for you in the naughty corner (aka the update area) now!


Celebrate Three Years Of Awesome Girls At Shemale XXX!


Three years ago, Grooby Productions launched a brand new Tgirl porn site called Shemale XXX. Since then, the site has become famous for showcasing some of the most glamorous and beautiful Tgirl Pornstars on the planet, and it could be argued as a mark of success to see yourself featured on the site. Ashley Paleta, pictured below, is just one of the girls who has appeared numerous times on the site, gathering more and more fans along the way.

We’d like to invite you to join us all at Shemale XXX for the Three Year Anniversary this Wednesday, September 24, 2014, at a very special introductory price. Whether you’re new to the site or a returning Member, you’re sure to find a girl like Ashley to rest your eyes on and lust over as your imagination runs wild with the possibilities. With updates 5x a week, those possibilities truly are… endless! Swing on by this week and help us celebrate three awesome, amazing years of bringing you all the best Tgirl porn and Shemale Pornstars on the planet!


British Tgirl Red Vex With Latina Nicole On Shemale Pornstar!

British Tgirls Blog presents Red Vex! British Tgirls Blog presents Red Vex!

Today we’ve got a truly international scene from Shemale Pornstar featuring the Latina sensation Nicole Montero and British Tgirl Red Vex. These two beauties got together recently for this scene and I have to say, they look quite lovely in their lingerie, stockings, and high heels.

Nicole Montero has made a name for herself capturing some of the prettiest Latina Shemale Pornstars on the planet. Red Vex still has to make a name for herself in the world of Shemale porn but I can tell you, hopping onto Nicole Montero’s Shemale cock is a good place for this sexy British Tgirl to start! I hope we’ll see lots more from Red Vex in the future on Shemale Pornstar!

British Tgirls Blog presents Red Vex! British Tgirls Blog presents Red Vex!


British Tgirl Mia Maffia Featured On Joanna Jet’s Site!

British Tgirls Blog presents Mia Maffia! British Tgirls Blog presents Mia Maffia!

Wow. I don’t really have that much more to say about the beautiful British Tgirl Mia Maffia, who did this set a little while ago as a guest performer at Joanna Jet’s Official Site. Mia Maffia looks amazing in her flaming red hair and sexy stockings for this scene, and it is clear to see that this is going to be one very popular British Tgirl!

I love the long, lean body that Mia Maffia has on her, which kind of reminds me of the gorgeous Morgan Bailey from right here in the States. It is always nice to see another British Tgirl like Mia Maffia in the Tgirl porn industry and you can thank Joanna Jet for bringing you this sexy set of hers!

British Tgirls Blog presents Mia Maffia! British Tgirls Blog presents Mia Maffia!


Blowjob In The Sun With British Tgirl Holly Harlow!

British Tgirls Blog presents Holly Harlow! British Tgirls Blog presents Holly Harlow!

I thought this set that British Tgirl Holly Harlow did a while ago was just one of her hottest scenes yet… probably literally. The sun looks like it is beating down hard on that beautiful body that Holly Harlow has, and stripped naked, she doesn’t have very much cover from the burning rays. Still, it seems that Holly Harlow is much more focused on the hard cock sticking through this gate and pleasuring it with her warm, wet mouth.

Holly Harlow is one of those girls that you don’t really expect to see in scenes like this, but you definitely welcome it when you do. This sexy British Tgirl has done more of the “glamorous” shoots in her career but it is really nice to see her outside, getting her knees dirty, and sucking cock like a truly happy British Tgirl!

British Tgirls Blog presents Holly Harlow! British Tgirls Blog presents Holly Harlow!


Tire Shopping With British Tgirl Jordan Jay!

British Tgirls presents Jordan Jay! British Tgirls presents Jordan Jay!

Next time you’re in need of some tires for your ride, you may want to head on out to the tire shop and do some searching for yourself. You just may be lucky enough to run into British Tgirl Jordan Jay out there, picking through the old tires and showing off her hot ass and long legs in the process!

Who knows what possessed Jordan Jay to take herself down to this tire graveyard wearing the shortest jacket possible and some high-heeled ankle boots! I’ll bet that anyone browsing with her though, was pretty excited to see her flashing her panties as she bent over, maybe letting the bulge of her British Tgirl cock hang out a little…?

British Tgirls presents Jordan Jay! British Tgirls presents Jordan Jay!


Spanish Shemale Angelina Torres Sucks Shemale Pornstar Vaniity!

British Tgirls presents Angelina Torres!

Looks like Spanish Shemale Angelina Torres and Shemale Pornstar Vaniity are having a pretty nice time in this scene. These two lovely Tgirls spend some time switching off on sucking each others’ Shemale cocks, and you can bet that they both have pretty well practiced tongues! Wouldn’t you just love to get your cock sucked by either Angelina Torres or TS Vaniity?

British Tgirls presents Angelina Torres!


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