Come Let Your Creative Juices Flow With Grooby3D!

A little while ago we did a feature about Grooby3D, which I think is the first Shemale specific modeling game of this type. Well, at the time, I had only played around with it a little bit but recently, I had the time and opportunity to really get to know it a bit more, and let me tell you… IT IS SO MUCH FUN!

I can’t tell you all the hours I spent creating my very own characters and putting them into scenes, but it must have been hours and hours… and this coming from a gamer-type who thinks nothing of spending a day or two playing Skyrim! Grooby3D is really an experience that you’ve got to, well, experience to fully appreciate, but I think once you jump in and get your feet wet, you’ll be hooked. Take the time to create the model of your dreams and then ‘direct’ her in a scene of your own… including outfits, locations, and even sexual positions! It is really pretty cool. Anyway, I hope you’ll go check it out and have as much fun playing around with Grooby3D as I did!


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