Brittany St. Jordan Gets Fucked By British Tgirl Jennifer English!

Jennifer English and Brittany St. Jordan!

It looks as though either Brittany St. Jordan or British Tgirl Jennifer English did a little traveling lately, because somehow, these two Shemale Pornstars got together for a little fun! I say ‘a little fun’ but clearly, the two had a whole bunch of fun shooting this scene for Brittany St. Jordan’s site!

Jennifer English is probably a name that is familiar with those of you who follow the careers of British Tgirls. I know that I’ve heard the name quite a few times, although I wasn’t aware that she was still shooting porn. Nice to know that she is still around and putting on a good show with girls like Brittany St. Jordan for all her Fans!

Brittany St. Jordan and Jennifer English! Brittany St. Jordan and Jennifer English!


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