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Two Hot Not To Miss Yankee Shemale DVD Releases Coming Soon!

Joey Silvera's The Next She-Male Idol: Volume 2 Sammi Mancini's Shemale Strokers: Volume 41

Two HOT DVD’s are being released in the near future and believe me, these are two DVD’s you’ll definitely want to add to your collection. When I saw the line-up of Shemale Pornstars in these two DVD’s, I couldn’t believe just how much star-power there was… No British Tgirls in these DVD’s but nonetheless, the names are HUGE!

First up, with a release date of August 4, 2010 is Joey Silvera’s The Next She-Male Idol: Volume 2 featuring the beautiful Bailey Jay in a stunning hardcore scene with another beautiful Shemale Starlet, Bee Armitage. That would be enough for most Fans to get this DVD but Joey has packed it full with scenes featuring Domino Presley, Jessica Fox, and more… This release is available for pre-order TODAY so come order your copy today while you can! This is one release that is sure to sell quickly so don’t miss out!

The second upcoming release is Sammi Mancini’s Shemale Strokers: Volume 41 and it is packed full of all the Shemale stroking action and cumshots you could ever wish for. Let’s drop some names of who appears in this awesome DVD… Amy Daly, Britney Markham, Bee Armitage, Kimberly Kills… need I go on? An amazing collection of some of today’s hottest Shemale Pornstars doing what they do best! This DVD is also available for pre-order TODAY so come get your copy today and watch these awesome Shemale Pornstars shoot their loads for you!



799 More Models Join British Tgirl Joanna Jet On Frank’s Tgirl World!

Joanna Jet on Frank's Tgirl World!

Since 2003 when British Tgirl Joanna Jet made her debut on Frank’s Tgirl World, the site has grown from a small start-up to now featuring over 800 individual Shemale Pornstars! How cool is that! Now, if we can get Frank to get over to Europe and shoot some more British Tgirls, perhaps we can get a little company for Joanna besides Barbie (the other British Tgirl on the site)!

Looking at Joanna’s shoots on Frank’s Tgirl World and some of the content she’s released recently, there is really not that much of a change through the years… this British Tgirl has a fountain of youth hidden away somewhere… Anyway, congratulations to Frank’s Tgirl World for getting to the 800 model mark and I hope we can count on some more British representation in the future…

Joanna Jet on Frank's Tgirl World! Joanna Jet on Frank's Tgirl World!


Come Chat With Some Hot British Tgirls On Hung Devils Forum!

Hung Devils Forum!

Hung Devils Forum is probably one of, if not THE largest gathering places for Transsexuals and their Admirers to come and chat with each other about nearly every topic under the sun! Whether you’re a Tgirl, Shemale Pornstar, or just interested in the lifestyle, you’re welcome to come and share your opinions on Hung Devils, and maybe make a friend or two along the way! Hung Devils has recently changed hands and the forum aims to be a place for friendly chat where you can converse with people who may (or may not – discussions welcome!) share your particular outlook on the world and life.

One of the great sections of Hung Devils that you’ll enjoy is the ‘Free Porn’ section. We’ve invited a large variety of Shemale Pornstars and Transsexual Performers to come and promote their sites, and girls like Liberty Harkness and Sammi Valentine post free pictures there regularly for you to browse. Please come and join us on Hung Devils Forum and come chat with some of your favorite girls! It fun, safe, and COMPLETELY FREE to become a Member (so you can see the pictures!), so come on by! We’re looking forward to getting to know you!

Hung Devils Forum!

Get Some Great Joanna Jet DVD’s For Under Fifteen Bucks!

Joanna Jet's Shemale Jet-Set: Volume 2 Joanna Jet's Vacation!
Shemale Strokers: Volume 6 Transsexual Beauty Queens: Volume 19

If you’re a Fan of British Tgirl Joanna Jet, come browse the selection on Shemale Video Direct and you can pick up some great DVD’s featuring her for under $15.00! Some of them are even less than $10.00! That’s a pretty great deal to check out one of the world’s most famous Shemale Pornstars in action!

Joanna is and has always been an awesome Transsexual Performer, which is why she’s been stuck in the minds of Shemale Admirers for years and years. You’ll love checking out some of her old-school videos as well as some newer releases as well! The price is right and the time is now… Come browse more Joanna Jet DVD’s on Shemale Video Direct!

British Tgirl Karen TV Slut Has A Threesome!

British Tgirl Karen TV Slut! British Tgirl Karen TV Slut!

Although the word is used a lot in the porn world, you don’t see too many Transsexual Performers or Shemale Pornstars out there actively pushing to claim the title of ‘slut!’ But, Karen TV Slut quite obviously takes pride in the title, proclaiming as her site’s tagline, ‘Let me blog your mind with my slutty Transgender antics!’ Blow me away Karen…

For starters, Karen definitely has the slutty look down! What else could you call this outfit… sheer, back-seam stockings, fuck-me heels, and a miniskirt that doesn’t even cover her garters! That is one girl that just just screaming to get bent over and fucked like the slut she is. And, what kind of girl is willing to do a threesome at the drop of a hat…? British Tgirl Karen TV Slut for one!
British Tgirl Karen TV Slut! British Tgirl Karen TV Slut!


How About A Hop Across The Pond For The 2009 Tranny Awards Ceremony?

The 2009 Tranny Awards Ceremony!

A special announcement today (mostly for our U.S. based readers) here on British Tgirls Blog… You’re invited to the inaugural ceremony of the 2009 Tranny Awards to be held on March 4, 2010 at Club Cobra in North Hollywood! Of course, we’d absolutely LOVE if there were some British Tgirls in attendance and some Fans and Admirers to help cheer them on but I know that times are tough these days. However, if you can come, please do!

This is the first physical ceremony for the Tranny Awards and there will be lots of Shemale Pornstars in attendance looking their absolute finest! Who knows which Shemale Pornstar will be bumping and grinding right next to you on the dance floor? This should be a REALLY fun night and I hope that you’ll have the opportunity to attend. Mark the date and be there!


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