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Angelina Torres To Launch Her Site… Official Blog Now Up!

Angelina Torres - Shemale Club!

The beautiful Angelina Torres is going to be launching her very own Official Site in the near future and as of right now, you can check out The Official Blog of Angelina Torres for some juicy pictures and other bits of information about this beautiful European Tgirl! I still haven’t gotten over her latest appearance on Shemale Club that we featured pictures from a few posts ago. I just can’t wait for her official site to launch and I hope a whole bunch of you guys will check it out when it does! Stay tuned right here for more continuing coverage and news about Angelina Torres and other British Tgirl beauties!


A Nice New Look For British Tgirls Blog!

Hey… so you may or may not have noticed a little look in the appearance of British Tgirls Blog… don’t worry, we’ll have everything back in order soon enough and before you know it, we’ll be back to bringing you the hottest British Tgirls from around the Internet! Just cleaning things up a little bit and changing themes to make it a bit easier to make posts.

Thanks for sticking with us and check back soon for more hot pictures of beautiful British Tgirls!

British Tgirl Liberty Harkness Shows How To Game In Style!

TS Liberty Harkness Playing XBox! TS Liberty Harkness Playing XBox!

Well, as February comes to a close, hopefully we can be looking forward to the launch of British Tgirl Liberty Harkness’s new Official Site in March. Last I heard, it was originally set to launch in February but it looks like Liberty has been spending too much time shooting zombies…

I jest of course. Liberty is a hard working girl and I’m sure she’s working as hard as she can to have a successful site launch for all her Fans out there. I do think it’s pretty cool that Liberty does some gaming in her free time. Girl gamers rock! I myself have been known to pick up a controller every now and then… although you won’t find me busting any fancy moves or shredding on the axe… Anyway, we’ll try to keep you as up to date as possible regarding Liberty’s new site so keep checking back here on British Tgirls Blog for updates!

TS Liberty Harkness Playing XBox! TS Liberty Harkness Playing XBox!


How About A Hop Across The Pond For The 2009 Tranny Awards Ceremony?

The 2009 Tranny Awards Ceremony!

A special announcement today (mostly for our U.S. based readers) here on British Tgirls Blog… You’re invited to the inaugural ceremony of the 2009 Tranny Awards to be held on March 4, 2010 at Club Cobra in North Hollywood! Of course, we’d absolutely LOVE if there were some British Tgirls in attendance and some Fans and Admirers to help cheer them on but I know that times are tough these days. However, if you can come, please do!

This is the first physical ceremony for the Tranny Awards and there will be lots of Shemale Pornstars in attendance looking their absolute finest! Who knows which Shemale Pornstar will be bumping and grinding right next to you on the dance floor? This should be a REALLY fun night and I hope that you’ll have the opportunity to attend. Mark the date and be there!


2010 Brings Some Exciting News From British Tgirl Liberty Harkness!

Liberty Harkness Plays Office Secretary! Liberty Harkness Plays Office Secretary!

Happy New Year from all of us here at British Tgirl Blog and thanks to our loyal readers for coming back time and again to enjoy our Tasty Tgirl Tarts! We’re looking forward to a great and full year of bringing you the best British Tgirls the UK has to offer!

To kick things off, we’ve got some exciting news from Liberty Harkness, who informs us that her new website will launch sometime in January! I’ve been looking forward to this for some time, as I’m sure many of you British Tgirl Fans out there have been too. She’s also got some other things in the work which we’ll keep under wraps for now… but just be prepared for Liberty to be on everyone’s lips in 2010! Also, Liberty would like to pass on her thanks to all her Fans and Admirers who helped nominate her for a 2009 Tranny Award! Enjoy these preview pictures from Liberty’s new site (coming soon!).

Liberty Harkness Plays Office Secretary!

Fall For The Sexy Stylings Of British Tgirl Siren On Shemale Yum!

British Tgirl Siren on Shemale Yum! British Tgirl Siren on Shemale Yum!

I was flipping through the wide variety of British Tgirls on Shemale Yum and I came across this glamor shoot of Siren, and I’m very glad I did! This Irish transplant now living in London debuted on the site in early 2008 and has since returned for this sexy shoot in which I think she really does a good job of capturing that old ‘glamor’ look… sheer black is always a good and classic look in my book!

Siren’s other shoot on Shemale Yum is a sexy rendition of the Shemale Schoolgirl and you can bet we’ll be showcasing some pictures from that shoot here in the future on British Tgirls Blog! For now, I leave you with two more classic shots from this British Tgirl beauty… enjoy!

British Tgirl Siren on Shemale Yum! British Tgirl Siren on Shemale Yum!


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